As a penaholic, I am always noticing what types of pens my coworkers are using.  Most don’t care very much about what pen they use as long as it writes.  However, one person swears by Pentel EnerGel retractable pens. I thought I should try them out to see why he likes them so much.

First Impressions:  There was a choice of a white or black body and, since everyone I have seen with the pen had a black body, I decided to get the white body.  It looks like a pen that would fit in most places but is pretty flashy with its chrome clip, tip, and retracting end.

Design/Features: This type of pen fits into the similar category as the TUL that I reviewed last year.  It has a business look with its chrome accents, but still appears to be a relatively inexpensive pen with plastic barrel and the pearlescent white rubber grip section.  On closer inspection, there is a lot of printing on the pen that makes it look on the cheaper end, such as the “Needle tip 0.7” on the side and it cannot come off.  I appreciate pen barrels that have the least amount of wording possible – I think it looks classier. However, it would fit in most setting though. I do like that you can get refills for this pen rather than just buy a new pen, however I believe they are only available online.

Feel in the Hand: The pen is quite light, but you still feel like there is something in your hand when you are writing.  I like the balance of the pen.  The barrel and grip section are uniform in diameter, which is a pretty nice size, but still a little small for very long writing sessions.  The grip section is rubber and did not attract much lint or stretch out in the week that I used it, but it feels like the kind of rubber grip that will do that over time.

Writing: The writing experience is the smoothest gel pen that I have ever used; it feels like butter on glass even on the cheapest of papers. I really enjoy the smoothness.  I had no issues with hard starts or skips.  The 0.7 mm tip is a little wide on copy paper and the steno pad for my tastes, but is not huge.  There are 0.5mm and 0.35 mm available online. However, on the low absorption Rhodia paper, I liked the 0.7mm line width.


Use in clinic/hospital:  The absence of hard starts and skipping, the smoothness of the pen, and the fact that it is retractable are the attractive attributes for use in the clinic and wards.  The issue that I have with the pen is that it does look like a little cheap even next to the Pilot G2.  I think if Pentel decreased the amount of wording on the pen, like the G2, it would look sleeker and more professional.  Also, the 0.7mm gives a little too wide of a line for me to use on the wards, but I would love to try it with a 0.5mm refill.  Because of how smooth of a writer this pen is, I think this has a high probability of being borrowed and not given back, which is also an issue.

Price: I bought 3 pens for $8.22 at Walmart, which appears to be the least expensive option.

This is one of my favorite gel pens due to the smoothness of the writing.  I would definitely suggest that anyone to try this pen due to its affordability, smoothness, and the variable tip sizes that it come in, which should fit anyone’s desired line width.  The distracting wording on the pen is really the biggest negative of this pen and I prefer a slightly narrower line width. However, I don’t think anyone would go wrong with buying one or a package of these pens.