Pen Review: Pentel EnerGel Euro Needle-Point Gel Pen 0.35 mm black ink

Happy Labor Day!  I’ve recently taken the plunge into the liquid ink pens. Most of them are ballpoint pens with a liquid ink instead of the oily ink that normally comes in ballpoints. The Pilot G2 with its gel ink is considered a liquid ink pen. I’ve gone a little deeper now and tried the Pentel EnerGel, which is relatively inexpensive.


First Impressions: The pen, no matter what color the ink, comes in a blue pearlescent color that nicely sets it apart from many pens that I have. It doesn’t look like a very cheap, nor very expensive pen. I felt that this helps it fit into most circumstances; no matter if you are signing a check at the grocery store (no, really I see people still do that) or in a business meeting.

Design/Features: The Pentel EnerGel is a snap cap pen with a blue pearlescent body and cap. There are chrome colored accents like the clip and the ring on the body. The section is blue rubber, which blends well with the body color. The section is an average diameter and does not taper. The clip is strong but not too strong that you cannot slip it on cloth, helping it stay in place where you place it. This pen does not come apart, nor is there a way to see how much ink you have left, which is slightly annoying for me because I would like to just refill the pen rather than buy a new one every time and I would like to know if my pen is going to run out of ink soon.

Feel in the Hand: The EnerGel, like I said in the section above, has an average diameter for the ballpoint/gel pen market. The section is a little narrower than the section on the Pilot G2 but larger than the Bic Round Stic. The section is a little small for me, but for the amount of writing I do on the wards or in clinic, it is not tiresome on my fingers; I just wouldn’t write a novel with it. The rubber on the section is grippy and doesn’t seem to collect lint like many rubber sections do. The pen is pretty light, but it still feels like you are holding a pen. The balance is better for me when I post this pen, and allows for a little more heft, which I personally like.

Writing: The black gel ink is saturated, which we all know by now is what I look for in a black ink. I really had no issue with hard starts or skips. You do not need any pressure to write with it, which is nice since it is a pretty light pen. I did like the writing experience on each piece of paper that I used. The one issue I found, and this is the same with any liquid ink pen, is that the ink runs out faster than a normal ballpoint or even a Pilot G2 ink. This is a liquid gel ink, so remember, it does not write well on coated paper.


Use in clinic/hospital: The pen worked very well over the week. There were no hard starts or skips. The snap cap provided no issue and it’s nice that when you post the pen it clicks in place so you know it’s on, preventing any flinging off of the cap. The 0.35 mm needle point helps me be able to write as small I possibly can so that I can fit anything on my rounding list. The only issue I found is that, as I said above the ink runs out fast. I don’t feel like I write that much now in the hospital since my rounding lists have most of my labs auto populated, but I still ran out in about a week. Now that’s not crazy fast, I mean my fountain pens run out sooner if they are cartridge converters. However, for someone transitioning from a Pilot G2 or a normal ballpoint that is quite fast. One of my co-residents even remarked that they could not deal with a new pen every week.

Price: I have found the Pentel EnerGel Euro 0.35 mm on for $2.50 or Amazon $3.48 both sold as a single pen. This is not outrageously expensive, but more than the Bic Round Stic. Also, I feel like if you find someone who loves small writing, they would definitely want to “borrow” this pen.

Overall, I like to use this pen working on the wards or in clinic. It has a very small point, works every time you want it to, and has a nice saturated black ink. I would not use this for my lengthy writing because the diameter is too small for more than probably a whole page before my fingers cramp. Even though I like the pen, it did not make my cut for an everyday carry pen because of the lack of an ink window to know my ink level combined with the quick usage of ink that comes with liquid inks.